MoleseyARC - Accident Repair Centre for a First-Class Service

MoleseyARC is an established, family operated auto body repair centre in Surrey. With over thirty years clocked up in the motor trade business, you will not find a better service when it comes to car body repairs. We ensure that we repair every damaged vehicle to our high standards whilst offering exceptional customer service. When you require our Body Repair Service, we assure all our customers of our commitment in making the experience stress free and as effortless as possible. We provide a free estimate for all costs involved and a courtesy car service while your vehicle is off the road being repaired.

At MoleseyARC, It’s All in a Day’s Work

Have you misjudged a speed bump because you were late for an appointment? Reversed into a low wall that wasn’t there yesterday? Arrive back at your car with your shopping to find a dent in your rear door, some people don’t bother to leave a nice note on your windscreen when they accidentally reverse into your vehicle. Our helpful technicians are ready and waiting to help you in these difficult types of dilemmas. It is unfortunate when this type of occurrence takes place, but it does happen, and we are here to help take the pain and stress from your situation. Most times, it’s not even as bad as it first appears, and our customers are always surprised at our level of damage control in just one day. Yes, we turn around many vehicles in just one day from when they are presented with dents, scratches and scuffs.

Why MoleseyARC is the best Accident Repair Centre

MoleseyARC is Surreys leading garage for car and vehicle repairs and servicing. Why? Because we have expert diagnostic equipment to effectively diagnose your problems. We offer very high quality services at competitive prices. We have a reputation built from years of very satisfied clients who have spread our testimony of quality driven reliability far and wide. Our skilled team of mechanics know each vehicle from A to Z and will ensure that yours is returned safe and roadworthy and ready for you to carry on as if this accident never occurred.